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The African American Religious Experience (Dr. Trevor O’Reggio)

October 30, 2019

“We know from Christianity that a person cannot address issues of reconciliation and forgiveness unless, first of all, they acknowledge that they have committed a wrong.”

Moving forward on race relations in the church is a difficult conversation to navigate, especially within this political climate. What does it mean to be both black and Christian in America? This week on Advent Next, we are continuing our discussion with Dr. Trevor O’Reggio to talk about the history of the African-American Religious experience in America as well as solutions on how to improve race relations in the church.

If you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, check out our discussion with Dr. Trevor O’Reggio on the history of African Christianity and the contributions of African Intellectualism to western theology. Moving forward through history, we’re continuing our discussion with Dr. O’Reggio, on the African American religious experience. We also end our show today with a special guest appearance from Andrew Ashley, the director, and producer of the documentary “the Wound,” in which he investigates the history of race relations in the church as well as what we are doing today to move the conversation forward.

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