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Old Testament God & the Ancient World (Dr. John Oswalt)

March 21, 2019

Out of the captivating images of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DCU there has been a growing fascination with ancient myths and resurgence of a form of neo-paganism. While the origin stories of Thor and Diana are entertaining and wildly compelling as they tell the stories of the human struggle, the God of the Bible can seem to pale in comparison. With the fantastic use of story and CGI, these modern fables are vibrant with new worlds. Amidst the intergalactic battles between good and evil arrayed in incredible actions scenes, the God the Bible can seem relatively boring. Yahweh of the Old Testament and Jesus of the new no longer hold the same awe in the eyes of modern audiences when compared with heroes and heroines that seem to rise from the ashes of death continually.

Today, on the Advent Next podcast we talk with Dr. John Oswalt, one of the translators of the New Living Translation Bible, and discuss how the God of the Old Testament compares with pagan fables of the ancient near east. As we learn more about the literature of the ancient world, does the Bible turn out to be just another mythological text, or is it something more? And how does Christianity compare with the paganism of ancient literature? Do similarities between these stories make the Bible accounts of God less historically accurate?

Even among modern-day evangelicals it can be tempting to cast aside the Old Testament in favor of New. However, Dr. Oswalt reminds us why the Old Testament is so critical to understanding the beauty of the New Covenant we have in Jesus.

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