Advent Next Theological Podcast

Breaking Cycles of Dysfunction (Drs. David and Beverly Sedlacek)

April 15, 2019

"The tools we use to survive are the tools we use to re-create our past."

Today on Advent Next podcast, Drs. David and Beverly Sedlacek discuss the cycles of dysfunction as well as how to begin the healing journey. We also touch on topics such as where can a person find resources and how can one determine whether a community or individual is safe.

When we are simply surviving through seasons of life, whether through trauma or hardship, we use the tools that are most useful to merely keep us alive. Persevering through the bleak shelterless frost of winter's night, battling against the gnawing pains of hunger and bitter despair, the tools we use to ensure we make it to the next day are often primitive. Open fires, brute force, daggers made of shaven wood, traps for hunting prey are all useful devices for the moment.

However, when we find ourselves in better times, in more humane and refined circumstances, we are poorly equipped to live in relational harmony where real threats to our lives are no longer imminent. The tools we have become most familiar with are the tools of our survival. So how do we retire the spears and impenetrable bear skinned coats so that we can be in community with vulnerable hearts, connected to both our own story and able to remain empathetically connected to the stories of those around us?





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