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New Living Translation Back Story (Dr. John Oswalt)

March 15, 2019

The Protestant revolution coupled with the invention of the printing press created unparalleled access to the Bible and the words of God. The printing press allowed for inexpensive copies of the Bible to make it outside of expensive institutions into the homes of common folk. Bible translators such as Wycliffe, Tyndale, and Luther made sure that the Bible was translated into the common vernacular of their country rather than in the archaic language of Latin.

Nearly 500 years later, the Bible is still the best selling book of the year, every year. In a recent study estimates that almost 90%, of all homes in America, have at least one copy of the bible. With nearly 90 translations of the Bible in the English language alone, we now have significantly more access to understanding the Bible than ever before in history. And yet, it can still be challenging to find a Bible translation you trust and one that is written in a style that truly speaks to you.

Today, we have the privilege of hosting Dr. John Oswalt from Asbury Seminary, one of the translators for the New Living Translation Bible, which is a personal favorite of mine. Bible translations and the process of translation often has a fascinating story behind it. The New Living Translation is no different! So join us as we discuss how the New Living Translation came into being!

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